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          WHAT LOHAS CAN DO?

          Software Development

          Software program research

          and development


          Purchasing through online

          WeChat mini-program

          Smart Retail

          Smart retail of fresh products

          through smart micro marts

          Mobile Internet

          Self-development of mobile

          purchase program


          The abbreviated form of

          Internet Of Things

          Traceability System

          Visual trading system of the

          whole industry chain


          About LOHAS

          Loha Co., Ltd., is a technology-driven, comprehensive distributor and innovative retailer of fresh and healthy consumable products in China with a focus on wellbeing and sustainability. Our brand “LOHAS” is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, which is our deeply embraced core philosophy. We specialize in fresh produce supply chain management and currently have 102 overseas and 5 domestic suppliers in 16 countries.

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          OUR Features

          Direct Purchase of LOHAS Quality Products

          We make direct purchases from our global growing and production bases. Our products have obtained accreditation from national quarantine agencies, CCIC, CNAS, FDA, EU quarantine agencies, and more.

          Smart Micro Marts Close the Gap

          LOHAS has solved the “last 100 meters” problem of fresh food delivery in the community through Smart Micro Retail Marts. Products flow through the supply chain directly to direct purchase by the end consumer.

          Traceability System Ensures Product Quality and Safety

          We employ technology to trace perishable product throughout the entire supply chain. Traceability provides quality assurance, food safety and reduces damaged product.

          A Growing LOHAS Community

          The LOHAS Community is an ever-expanding group of global consumers who have coalesced around living the core beliefs that a low-carbon, green, organic, environmentally friendly and fashionable lifestyle offers.

          Our Products

          We offer over 148 fresh, green and healthy products

          1Our primary product line contains a wide variety of imported fresh fruit.
          2We also offer wild-harvested seafood, vegetables and eggs.
          3LOHAS branded products such as LOHAS bottled water and dry goods.
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          CONTACT US

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